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I am nerywhite

Words can be innocent and powerless, but at the same time potent for good and evil.

I am a copywriter who believes that by using the right words, we can help each other grow, heal, support, express, communicate ideas, and more. Never use them to harm someone. Words are powerful, so choose them wisely.

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Nery 3 years old

Born and raised in the southern Mexican state of Veracruz by a very traditional Mexican family, where morals and values are our core beliefs.

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My non-negotiable power values are:

  • Gratitude – Be grateful every day, and your life will be better. 
  • Helping others is one of the core values my grandparents instilled in me because it gives you true happiness.
  • Never take advantage of people. It diminishes your reputation. Integrity is key for a fulfilling life.
  • Be caring – Take care of people, and they will take care of you.
  • Honesty. Even in difficult times, be honest and tell the truth. It build trust, which is key to success. 
  • Respect. Don’t be afraid to express yourself but always in a respectful way.  

Moral and family values are my guiding principles.

I like to see business as a way to serve people. I believe empathy is one of the most powerful skills you can have in business because it enables you to help them better if you take the time to genuinely get to know and understand them. Remember the golden rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

I believe in always learning and improving yourself to better serve and help. 

My Personality Type

I am an INTP person.

We are good at solving problems, and it is fun for us to research and analyze data and information.

We have a lot of empathy because of our constant need to understand everything, including people and emotions.

Even though we are deeply emotional, it can be rather challenging to clearly communicate how we feel.

For me, the best way to communicate effectively with people is through written words.

That’s why every time I want to express anything that is emotionally charged, I always write letters to the person involved.

Because in person, it is almost impossible for me to do it.

I learned that writing helped me express my thoughts and feelings more easily.

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Bachelor’s degree in Engineer in Computer systems (Software) – Centro Universitario de Coatzacoalcos
Diploma in Web development and web Design – North Valley Educational Center
The Simple Writing System coaching program by John Carlton
A-List Copywriting Secrets by David L. Deutsch
Autoresponder Alchemy by Terry Dean (Email Marketing)
Sell to Women by Lorrie Morgan
Bullets by Lorrie Morgan
Storyworthy (Storytelling Academy) by Matthew Dicks
Content Marketing Masters by Content Mavericks & Chris Von Wilpert  (blogs)
Brand Voice Strategy by Alex Cattoni & The Copy Posse.
Member at Toastmasters International.


Why Partner With Me? 

I do more than just write copy. I’m a marketer who can assist you in solving business problems rather than just focusing on increasing traffic or conversions.

I provide a particular marketing outcome (increasing ROI, building, or growing your email list)

I can help you build your brand voice and create brand awareness.

I will go deep into understanding your business by investing time in searching and maintaining constant communication with you.

I won’t use tricks to get clicks on my copy instead of genuinely helping people.

My passion for Health and fitness combined with my love for technology helps me understand your business. As a web developer and designer, I have a good user experience eye and can assist you not only with my writing but also with the best way to position the words on the page. 

More Random Facts About Me:

When I am not Writing, I am

  • At the gym, lifting weights
  • Doing Calligraphy
  • Painting with watercolors or pastels
  • Reading a Book
  • Dancing Zumba
  • Crafting

Other Facts:

  • I love to dance and learn new things.
  • I am ambidextrous.
  • My personality type is INTP.
  • I am an introvert.
  • I don’t like cold weather. I prefer sunny, warm, or hot days.
  • I love to watch videos of different workouts and new technology. 
  • I don’t watch TV.

Sharing a Little About My Story

  • January 2008

    New Beginnings

    I moved from Mexico to California, and worked as a full-time nanny for eleven years. 

  • 2018

    Big News

    I was told that this was going to be my last year working for them. I started looking for ways to make money online. I had a year to make it work.

  • January 2019

    Scary time

    2018 passed fast and I lost my savings trying to start an online business. I was scammed BIG time, and I started the year without a job, no money, no place to live. Alone in this country, all I had was my old Honda, my belongings and hope that everything was going to get better. 

  • September 2019

    Start One More Time

    I started the year homeless. I rented a storage to keep my stuff, took a shower at the gym and slept in my car. Later, a friend let me sleep at her house, so at least I had a warm place to sleep. I spent days at the library trying to figure out what to do next. Until one day I got a job at a gas station, working nightshifts there while trying different ways to make  money online during the day.

  • 2020

    Try, Try again, Just keep trying.

    I purchased several courses. I tried Print on Demand, dropshipping, Amazon kdp, private label, publishing, e-commerce, blogging, and affiliate marketing but in ALL of them I always struggle with getting high-quality traffic and leads. Not to mention that writing the copy was a nightmare, and I had no idea how to do email marketing or use storytelling in business. 

  • January 2021

    Finding What I love

    Even though I was making money with affiliate marketing. It didn’t feel right. I knew the products I was promoting (suggested by coach) were not the best, and that bothered me. It didn’t feel honest to me, so I stopped running ads and closed the site. Finally, I focus on learning a skill that although it’s not easy, I love it. That skill is Copywriting. 

    Now, besides my services, I only promote products or services I am 100% sure they are going to really help people grow their businesses. Most of them I use them myself. 

  • 2022

    Following My Passion

    I took different courses and coaching on copywriting, including email marketing, storytelling, blog post, and direct marketing with two A-list copywriters. Also, another training on how to use quizzes funnels to get leads.

    Now, I offer my services to help struggling businesses reach their goals.

Do you want to know if your Brand Voice well defined?